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About me

I have been working with clients since 1998 and hold a Masters Degree in Integrative Psychotherapy and a professional qualification - U.K.C.P. Registered Psychotherapist (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy). I also have a Diploma in Groupwork, and am registered as a Groupwork Practitioner with the Institute for Group Analysis.

Although my original core theoretical model is Transactional Analysis (T.A.), I have, and continue to develop, a way of working that focusses on the unique circumstances, experiences and needs that each person brings to therapy.

Please contact me to discuss how I might help you.

I commenced my psychotherapy training following a journey in personal therapy. I have been described as having a calming, steady and solid presence.

I have a long-standing love of the outdoors, and enjoy much of what these experiences offer. Personal creativity, appropriate humour, courage and resilience, thoughtful honesty, as well as supportive and challenging relationships are important to me.

Continuing Professional Development (C.P.D.)

I am committed to ongoing development as part of my professional and personal journey. I am a long established member of a monthly Senior Practitioner CPD group in Leeds and also in York. I also seek out workshops, conferences and seminars to promote, update and expand my experience and knowledge base.

Though not a formal requirement, I have monthly clinical supervision to support and challenge my work.

How I work

Individual Work

I make time to assess and clarify your individual need for support and challenge, so that we reach a shared and open understanding of the overall purpose and aim(s) for therapy. I will ask you questions about your key current and past relationships to help me to understand you in the context of your wider experiences.

When people commence therapy, they may have no clear idea about what it is they want, only that something doesn't feel right, or is 'missing'. Sometimes, they may have a vague idea, and sometimes a clear idea of what they need. None of the above is better or worse than the other, just different. I work with whatever people bring and my own considered responses to these.

I will make time to learn more about the choices that you make in terms of how you view yourself and how you relate to those around you and the wider world. Also, when I consider it helpful, I will invite an exploration of the relationship between us, as this can help to bring into awareness important aspects that may otherwise go unnoticed in other relationships.

Ending therapy is also important and can often be avoided. I will invite you to give yourself adequate time to allow this experience to be worked through to a good enough conclusion.

Couples Work

My approach to working with couples differs in that it is normally a set number of up to eight fortnightly, rather than weekly, meetings. I tend to work more directively, seeking to identify points of impasse and then introducing the couple to different tools that have the potential to give each partner and the relationship more of what is needed, and less of what is not.

In couples work, I will not take sides in any conflict, and work from a position of inviting personal and shared responsibility, rather than blame. There can be work for the couple to experiment with in between each meeting. My aim is to facilitate the couples' capacity to relate to each other, not to try and keep couples together if this is not what they want i.e. to separate with minimal ill feeling and hostility.

Group Therapy

Considering and committing to work in Group Therapy brings with it both heightened anxiety and, crucially, the potential for great learning, challenge and support. As group conductor, my main responsibility is to the group, and for any prospective new member, I spend time with them, either in individual work, or with group preparation sessions, so that their entry into the group can take place at a time that considers where the group is at on its shared journey at any given time.

Group therapy can be an enormously powerful and transformative experience, as well as challenging. If you are anxious about being in groups or about sharing some of your deeper experiences, then group therapy could be a very beneficial experience for you.

Please see the Group Therapy section for more information.

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