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Counselling and Psychotherapy for Individuals

Counselling is an intervention that involves the development of a safe and confidential relationship between therapist and client. This provides opportunities to develop and update your understanding of how you view and relate to yourself, others, and the wider environment.

Sometimes our long established and familiar ways of managing challenges in our experience can impede or limit our capacity to lead fulfilling and contented lives. The learning that can be gained from the therapeutic journey can provide the needed challenge and support to help us to work through both one off life events and also repeating patterns of apparently unresolvable dilemmas.

My approach

Initially, I will take time to learn more about you, in terms of your current lifestyle, work, health and relational experiences. You will be offered the opportunity to talk about how you see and experiences the challenges for which you would like support.

Your goals

The focus and your goal(s) for therapy will be discussed. Sometimes people only have a vague idea about what it is they want to gain - sometimes a broad idea - and sometimes a clear idea. I accept all these positions - it is not a case of one being better or worse than the other - just different and equally valid at the outset.

Goals and focus for therapy develop over time. However, what is also important is that therapy has a planned end point, which may not always be clear at the beginning. When we have a clearer idea about what you need, and how we will know when you have enough of what is needed, this will help us to recognise when it is time to make a good enough ending to therapy.

Your choices

We will spend time learning about the choices you make and the outcomes that they contribute to. Some choices and outcomes you may already know about; there may be others that are yet to be discovered. It can be helpful, challenging and informative to explore the nature of the therapeutic relationship that develops between you and me over time, as this can help to identify important issues that may often go unnoticed or unspoken about in other relationships.

This can lead to both important learning and then how you might use this to gain more of what you need in your experience - and less of what you don't need.

Endings are of central importance in therapy, so when the time draws near, we will allow sufficient time for this experience to be worked through to a good enough conclusion.

What you can gain

These are some of the types of symptomatic relief and learning that can be gained from therapy:

  • Lower levels and frequency of anxiety and (dis)stress
  • identification, helpful containment and management of strong emotional responses such as : fear, anger, hurt, sadness, joy (emotional intelligence)
  • identification of legitimate relational needs and how to meet enough of these in a straightforward way
  • improved confidence, self esteem and general sense of well being
  • understanding of and relief from obsessive thoughts and actions
  • a healthier relationship with food, drink, work and other past times or preoccupations
  • improved sleep patterns
  • improved concentration and decision-making
  • creating a sense of purpose and clearer sense of identity
  • developing more fulfilling relationships, with due regard for both others and yourself
  • developing greater capacity for relational intimacy

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