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How long does the work last?

The work can either be time-limited with an agreed number of sessions, or open-ended. This will be discussed and agreed during the assessment phase of the work. In either case, the overall goal(s) of therapy are sought to be clarified, so that both I and you will know when it is time to start thinking about and agreeing and end date for the work.

What is the difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy?

The difference is not absolute, and this is my understanding. Both trainings share considerable common ground, but Psychotherapy demands a longer, more in-depth training and personal therapy. Counselling offers support where the issue has been triggered by a one-off life event, whereas Psychotherapy offers this, and also support where the issue has been present and endured over a longer period of time.

Both are similar in that they are interventions centred upon the creation of a safe, confidential relationship, and the opportunity to explore, understand and develop the choices you make in how you view yourself and relate to those around you, and make the changes to these that you want.

What is Transactional Analysis (T.A.)?

T.A. is a model of human development, communication and relating. T.A. was developed by Eric Berne, who wanted to share often complex observations and theories to clients, in order to develop their understanding, and therefore facilitate their own autonomy and choices more readily.

What does Integrative Psychotherapy mean?

An Integrative approach to Psychotherapy means that whilst the therapist may have one core model that they have trained in, they are aware of, use and integrate into their work approaches from other schools of Psychotherapy such as psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, cognitive-behavioural, person-centred etc. Each intervention is considered in terms of what is most helpful at the time.

What does Humanistic mean?

Humanistic in this context means the acceptance of people as they innately are. In effect, we may from time to time say or do things that are not okay with others, but that at all times we are fundamentally okay i.e. separating out our actions from who we are.

I have very mixed feelings about therapy - what should I do?

It is understandable that the prospect of seeking therapy can raise a range of different responses such as : anxiety, shame, guilt, hope, frustration, doubt. It can be helpful to talk about whatever feelings, doubts, hopes and expectations you have. My approach is to provide you with sufficient, straightforward information so that you are then in the best position to make a clearly informed choice about whether you want to commit to therapy. It is not my place to talk you into doing anything that you are either not ready or willing to do - although I will invite you to think about underlying motivations regarding important decisions that you make.

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